March 8, 2013

President's Message

Dear KAFA Members, Friends, and Supporters:

I hope everyone has a productive winter season.  I am happy to see that the spring is finally here.

Last year, Professor Bong-Soo Lee, Florida State University, received the KAFA Financial News Eminent Scholar Award and Kuan-Hui Lee, Seoul National University, received Shinhan Bank Young Scholar Award. Professors Bong-Soo Lee and Kuan-Hui Lee graciously donated the full amount of their award money to KAFA. I am very grateful for their generosity. I also gratefully acknowledge a donation from Professor Suk Heun Yoon, Soongsil University.

The executive office members have been working hard to obtain new funds for KAFA, and I am pleased to announce that Samsung America has donated $10,000 to KAFA in February 2013 to promote KAFA’s research activities. I greatly appreciate Samsung America’s generosity. The executive office members will continue their efforts to secure additional funding.

I’d like to thank Professors Sung Chul Bae (outgoing president) and Soku Byoun (secretary-general) for their outstanding service and leadership for the KAFA. I welcome KAFA’s new Executive Office members: President-Elect Prof. Kee-Hong Bae, Secretary-General Prof. Soku Byoun (returning), Treasurer Prof. Jang-Chul Kim (returning), Vice President (KAFA Korea) Prof. Kyosik “Roy” Song (returning), and Secretary-General KAFA Korea Prof. Joonghyuk Kim (returning).

As we had done in previous years, KAFA successfully offered two KAFA-FMA sessions at the FMA meetings in Atlanta last October. The sessions titled “Korean financial markets after the global financial crisis” and “Recent developments in pacific-basin markets” were very informative and well attended.

During the last year’s Annual Business Meeting in Atlanta, KAFA also presented several awards to recognize KAFA members’ outstanding scholarly achievements. These awards include the Financial News (FN)-KAFA Eminent Scholar Award, Shinhan Bank (SHB)-KAFA Young Scholar Award, SHB-KAFA Best Paper Awards, FN-KAFA Top Journal Paper Awards, and FN-KAFA Doctoral Student Dissertation Awards. In addition, KAFA provided SHB-KAFA doctoral student research support to seven doctoral students.

On behalf of KAFA, I congratulate all award recipients once again and greatly appreciate Financial News and Shinhan Bank for their generous financial support for KAFA awards. I also appreciate generous support from Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI) and Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) for KAFA.

To continue this tradition, KAFA is soliciting papers for awards and for the joint international conferences with our Korean partners--the KAFA-Allied Korean Financial Associations--and  the  KAFA-KIF  joint  symposium  this  May.  You will find details on the KAFA awards and the joint conferences in this Newsletter. As done in previous years, KAFA will provide a research support to presenters of papers.

KAFA has witnessed an impressive growth over the past twenty years with your strong support and active participation in various KAFA activities. As we now enter into a new era for the next twenty years, I am very positive that KAFA will continue to play an important role in promoting and accomplishing our individual professional goals “together”. I hope you all continue to join in this endeavor.

With Warmest Regards,
Youngsoo Kim
2013 KAFA President
University of Regina


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